Quacks of Quedlinburg 3D Printed Board Organizer

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Hello you are buying a set of 3D printed Organizer for Quacks of Quedlinburg Board.

Quacks is a board games that are excellent and infuriatingly disorganized. During setup, you have to find room on the table to dump the books and the ingredients.

Not anymore, with these 3d printed organizer makes setup and put away is fast &easy. Also help with cleaning up the table.

This is a must have for this game.

This set comes with 8 Lids & Chest to store all the different tokens in, and for easy storage. There is a slot in the chest for the books to slide in for when you are playing the game.

If you own Quacks, or intend to buy it, do yourself a favor. Print out these trays, and enjoy a game free of frustration.

original bit is for the tokens that come with the game and the geekup is for larger token that you buy from BGG market ( will not work with 3d printed token guards or coin capsules)


This will take 4-5 days to make


This was designed by MrFuFu on thingiverse